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Short Jolly Green Oil Review

Jolly green oil is company sells CBD oils that are being used for pain relief.

By owing multiple types of CBD (Gummies, edibles, vapes, party pack and CBD oil cartridges), this company provide you with very good CBD products with variety of options and flavors.

Unlike other CBD companies, this company has real tests from real labs to ensure the quality of their products.

In short, if you feel unwell, or you want to boost your immune system, and you don’t know how, then jolly green oil CBD is right for YOU!

The jolly green oil reviews from actual customers in this reviews will prove to you that this CBD is legit and not a scam (You can read them below).

Jolly green oil CBD's Creator

JGO logo | Jolly green oil CBD
JGO logo | Jolly green oil CBD

This is a short jolly green oil review, if you want a full review with in-depth details, then continue reading below (Also jolly green oil cbd reviews from actual buyers are covered below)…

Jolly Green Oil CBD Review (In-depth review)

Jolly green oil CBD review

It’s all about that ad you saw online! “Buy some jolly green oil CBD cartridges” or something like that. The only thing you are unsure of is that you don’t know what this CBD is. Or you might have one of these questions:

What is jolly green oil?

Who built this company and all its other products?

Does jolly green oil have thc in it?

What are jolly green oil CBD’s ingredients?

Does jolly green oil CBD work?

Is jolly green oil CBD scam or not?

Is jolly green oil CBD legit?

Should you even bother yourself to read jolly green oil CBD reviews? Is it a waste of time?

Are there some jolly green oil reviews from real buyers?

Where to buy jolly green oil products? What is the official website?

Is there any jolly green oil coupon?

Probably you were searching for jolly green oil review to get some answers, and you have come across our review.

If that is your case, or one or more of the questions above were in your mind, then I’m happy to inform you that we have ALREADY answered them in this review.

So, take a deep breathe, pay close attention, and let’s get started…

Table of Contents


Some resellers of jolly green oil products on many websites claim that they provide special coupons to buyers purchasing through their link.
Please note that this company does not come with any coupon other than the ones mentioned on the main website itself.
Anyone claiming otherwise are duping you to purchase the product through their link.
Also there are a lot of websites with FAKE identities (like FAKE author name, FAKE website itself...etc). They want to not show their identity, so they fake it. We here at Effective-Treatments don't want to show our identity to save our privacy, but that doesn't mean to FAKE it!
Please be aware of that. Now, continue reading our jolly green oil review...

What is Jolly Green Oil?

What is jolly green oil CBD

It’s here and there. It’s almost everywhere! Is it a website? A product? a CBD?

In short, what is jolly green oil?

It’s a website that sells many types of CBDs (Gummies, edibles, vapes, party pack, and other types).

This JGO CBD has been built to help you:

  • promoting your brain tissue and bone
  • Reduces blood sugar levels and
    kills or slows bacterial growth
  • Aids in anxiety relief
  • Reduces nicotine cravings
  • Aids in digestion
  • Acts as an antipsychoticto

Also it can be used as a pain relief, some examples:

  • Reduces vomiting and nausea
  • Suppresses muscle spasms
  • Reduces seizures and convulsions

In short, this company is existed to improve your overall well being.

We will see if that is true or not in a moment. But first, let’s see who creates this thing and what is the company behind it…

Who builds jolly green oil?

First, this is not a single product! This is a company that has different types of CBD. This company is located in Melville, NY!

And as you guessed, it’s made in the USA.

Beside that, it was known as “jolly green oil“. But now, they have released another company behind this company.

What is the company behind it?

UPDATE: It was Vital Hemp MD” 5 months ago, but now it has returned to its first founder.

What does that mean to you?

Well, we just mentioned this to say “Jolly green oil is now founded by its first official founder” and to remove the confusion between the two companies name.


So what does jolly green oil offer?

The company has multiple hand crafted products. They use small batches to ensure accurate dosing and purity.

It produces high quality vape juices and flavors with their 99.9% pure CBD isolate.

Here are their official products:

  • Jolly Green Oil 250 MG Vape Cartridge
  • Jolly Green Oil 625 MG Vape Cartridge
  • Jolly Green Oil 700 MG Vape Cartridge (New)
  • Jolly Green Oil CBD Sublingual Tinctures (Known as JGO CBD Oils)
  • Jolly Green Oil 625 MG CBD E-Liquid (Or Jolly Green CBD E-Liquid)
  • Jolly Green Oil CBD Edibles (Known as JGO 250MG Edibles)
  • Jolly Green Oil 99.9% Pure CBD Isolate (Sold by gram)
  • Jolly Green Oil 250MG Edibles (Known as JGO 250MG Edibles)
  • Jolly Green Oil Party Pack Jars 1000 MG
  • Jolly Green Oil Party Pack Sour Belts Jars 1000 MG
  • Jolly Green Oil 1000 MG Party Pack (Known as JGO 1000 MG Party Pack)
  • Jolly Green Oil Vape Pod (Known as JGO+ Vape Pod)

These are their major products. Don’t worry, you are going to see reviews for each one of them.

Here are some pictures for JGO tincture 250MG and all other cartridges:

Here are all other products (Vapes, edibles party pack, and others)

Jolly Green Oil Ingredients

Jolly green oil CBD ingredients

What are the magic ingredients that are being used inside these jolly green oil CBD cartridges?

Do jolly green oil products have thc in it?

You are probably wondering about these, after all, you don’t want a CBD that has very bad side effects or something.

According to the official website, the jolly green oil ingredients are:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • NON-GMO Verified Cocount MCT Oil

May be this is your first time hearing about “CBD or MCT Oil”, so we will explain it for you…

CBD or cannabidiol is simply a component of the cannabis plant. According to Wikipedia, the first discovery to this plant was in 1940. Currently there are 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis. (One of the top health websites) defined CBD as the following:

“It’s a naturally occurring substance that’s used in products like oils and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm. Unlike its cousin, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the major active ingredient in marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive.”

Okay, we got it for CBD, what about this “NON-GMO Verified Cocount MCT Oil”?

MCT oil is a “healthy fat” that may help your body burn fat for energy. MCT oil is derived from coconuts and is a NON-GMO and vegan certified product.

MCT oil is made up of MCT fats, which are fats that can be found in
coconut oil.

And according to many lab tests, the products don’t have the following:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Nicotine
  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium
  • Mercury
Jolly green oil ingredients

Why you should care about what a product DOESN’T contain specific substances?

I will answer with a simple example:

If I told you that this cup of water doesn’t contain poison, will you drink it?

Probably yes!

What about the opposite, if that water contains poison, will you drink it?

Of course no!

You know the poison, but you may not know THC or Cadium or what these can do.

My point is that some of the above substances can cause side effects if they are existed in a high volume.

Thankfully, THC and all other harmful substances are existed in jolly green oil products with 0.00% (According to them and to many tests like the one above)!

Why do you need to get jolly green oil CBD?

Why you need jolly green oil CBD

While you’re reading this jolly green oil CBD review, have you ever thought about asking yourself:

“Why may I need to get a CBD product from this company?”.

It’s actually a great question!

Here are some possible reasons:

  • You have weak bones and you want to stronger them

Let’s face it, almost 64% of the new generation is weak! Weak bones is the main problem with this generation.

How we know that?

Simply look at the previous generation, you can see that most of them didn’t even know about vitamins and these new cartridges and CBD oils. Also the gym was not that famous. Is it because we want to be healthy and they aren’t?

No! The reason is because if they were living unhealthy, they will not be alive after 50 or at maximum 60 years old.

So if you want to make your bones stronger, you need to get jolly green oil CBD edibles or any other type.

  • You get illness frequently

Have you ever thought about why your body catch almost every bacteria in the world?

I mean every 2 months or so, you get sick.

If that is your situation, then you need to improve your white blood cells and antibodies.

How you can do that?

A good way is to get jolly green oil CBD gummies. 

  • You want to boost your immunity system (Important)

This the needs of everybody these days, especially this during coronavirus period.

FACT: if your immunity system is strong enough, it can kill the deadly virus that is killing thousands every day!

There are tons of ways to boost your immunity system, one of them is by having a JGO CBD.

  • You have chronic disorders like diabetes or anxiety

Some days you feel like you are too worried about something. Or maybe you have high blood sugar.

Either case, you need something that can fight the causes of these illnesses.

This is one of the great uses for jolly green oil cartridges.

  • You want to be like iron man

Don’t get me wrong! Iron man is made from metal, right? How are you going to be like them by having a CBD?

It’s simple, here I’m not talking about the outside body power, I’m talking about the inside body power.

Meaning, if you want to have a strong inside body like the outside iron man body, then you need to get some jolly green oil gummies.

But does jolly green oil CBD work?

Does jolly green oil CBD work?

Okay I got it! I need to get a CBD oil. But does jolly oil CBD work?

You have been probably wondering about this from the beginning of this jolly green oil review.

Let’s see…

First, to know if a CBD oil works or not, you need to look at these things:

  • Color of CBD

You have to be careful about this indicator. It can be different from CBD oil to other one.

Carrier oil, extraction method, and additional ingredients can be indicators for changing CBD oil color.

Isolates get their color from the carrier oil, while full-spectrum CBD oil tends to have specific colors like brown or dark green. Green CBD oil is a good sign of having plenty of cannabinoids and plant compounds in it.

If you want to differ a good CBD oil from bad one by colors, you need probably to have a precise eye.

  • Ingredients Used

All full spectrum CBD oils are made from whole planet extracts. One of the substance that may contain is THC. This substance is harmful to your body if its amount is higher than 0.03% in a cartridge. So you need to at CBD oil cartridge’s label to see what amount it has in it.

In case of pure CBD or CBD isolates products, they are isolated from all other substances, so it should not contain any THC or other harmful substance.

If you want a safe high-quality CBD oil, always check the label of the product, and be sure that it contains 0.03% or less from THC.

  • How CBD Oil Has Been Manufactured

Yes, how CBD oil is manufactured is important! The problem is that CBD industry is still new and doesn’t have an official regulation that controls how CBD oil is manufactured.

Wait!!! Does this mean that you need to go to farms and manufactures to closely monitor them?

Well, if you do that, you will end up traveling for months just to buy a single CBD oil cartridge. Thankfully we are in the digital age, so you still need to travel, but, digitally 😉!

Meaning you just need to reach out to the official website of a CBD oil company or contact their customer service to know that.

But, what extraction methods are the good ones?

Some companies, usually the cheap ones, use cheap extraction methods (Mostly through chemicals like propane, butane, pentane, or hexane) to offer a lower product price. The hard truth that a CBD oil cartridge that you will get from these companies is harm more than good.

Meaning you are wasting your money and harming your body!

You don’t need to do that, right?

The good companies use good methods (ethanol or supercritical CO2 extraction) that ensure, at the end, they represent high-quality CBD oil.

  • Check Lab Reports

This is a must! If a company doesn’t provide you with lab tests, then forget about it instantly.

These tests provide you with the real results, not the claimed ones.

If the results are the same as claimed ones, then this is a great sign of a good CBD oil.

Just to give you a simple example of this:

If you tell me that you got A+ in Maths for example, then this is a claim.

If you show your exam paper or something official from the school that you got A+, then this is a real result.

If both are matched, then you are probably a good honest person.

The same way with CBD companies.

  • Product Label Contains The Amount Of CBD

Do you think that companies put that label for no purpose or for just showing their logo?

Of course no!

They put that because it represents what they are selling.

If they put 100 MG of pure CBD oil, then it must includes that amount of CBD oil.

But what will happen to the company if they are not matched? Is that really bad to a company?

May be you don’t own a CBD company, but this can led to a COMPLETE close to the company with paying fine for illegal or false advertising (The fine can reach millions).

An example of good amount in a bottle is 250-1000mg per 30ml bottle.

Jolly green oil CBD reviews from customers

Jolly green oil CBD reviews

Tons and tons of requests for jolly green oil 625mg reviews, JGO CBD reviews, and jolly green oil reviews in general. Not any reviews, I’m talking about real reviews from actual customers.

I don’t really know why I didn’t find any jolly green oil reviews on other jolly green oil review websites for this product (Maybe it’s because they are reviewing the product themselves)!

Anyway, I think reading jolly green oil reviews can make or break your decision about getting your very first CBD product.

And you are right! You should search for reviews for any product you want to buy and see if there is any previous customer has tested and purchased the product.

Below there will be multiple jolly green oil reviews for the most famous products of that company (One by one):

Jolly Green Oil reviews in general (Company reviews):

"Really good cbd gummies and oil 😍."
Rated it:
"Jolly Good Oils is a great company and a brand I trust. There pen is super light weighted and easy to use. I keep it on a lanyard and it works nice. I also love how it can be used as a stylus as well. The watermelon bomb cbd flavor is so smooth and tasty and doesn't leave an after taste which I love. It helps my anxiety very well. Love this company!(:"
Rated it:
"Love love love this brand and the party pack. This is what I always get when I’m looking for relaxing and pain relief. I have kidney stones. And this always helps. Thank you for a wonderful product."
Rated it:
"Thr spray is awesome works best that ive tried so far. Want to try other products. I was able to sleep and my pain was minimal in my back. (My epidural caused horrible pain when its cold or if I move wrong) definitely my favorite brand."
Rated it:
"ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS COMPANY! Best cbd company i have purchased from! I use CBD to help with my back pain, and boy does it help. I have nerve damage which the pain makes it hard for me to sleep but with the help of jgo this has gotten much better I’ve used there gummies and tincture oil both do a great job! 10/10 recommend!"
Rated it:
"Jolly green oils are very good! Help with pain relief a lot!! I wouldn’t choose a different brand to buy!! Thank you for the relief and not causing frustration! Easy to order and they arrive fast!"
Rated it:

Jolly Green Oil CBD oil reviews (a.k.a JGO CBD Oils reviews):

Jolly green oil cbd 250mg sublingual tincture mockup ingredients
"I'm new to CBD but jolly green oil has great customer service and they sent me samples I received them quickly! I will be ordering more ! Thank you!"
Rated it:
"First time trying cbd and I asked them if i can get a sample because I’ve never tried cbd before and I just got the products today and let me say not only does the edible tastes good but the flavor of the cartridge is not too strong which i like and makes me feel relaxed and chill. Definitely recommend will be buying more products from this company!"
Rated it:
"I was skeptical about trying CBD products at first but I am so glad I did! Jolly Green Oil has great customer service and their products are amazing! I heard CBD would love a nasty aftertaste in your mouth but that wasn't true with Jolly Green Oil. I definitely recommend to everyone!"
Rated it:

Jolly Green Oil Vape reviews (625 MG CBD E-Liquid Vape reviews):

Jolly green oil 700mg Vape | JGO NEW 700 MG Vape Cartridge
"I tried this oil in the vape pen for my body pains due to fibromyalgia and it helped at first but I am experiencing headaches and getting irritable when I don’t use the vape.. not sure if it’s related but thought I’d share"
Rated it:
"JGO is the best vape prefilled cartridge provider I've bought from and used.
The milligrams are perfect. The JGO + CARTIDGES ARE THE BEST.
The flavorz are unbelievable.. If you are looking for the perfect vape cartridges get them here. Their E-Juice with CBD are awesome too...
I highly recommend their products...."
Rated it:
"I had a friend who broke out with a jolly green vape pen and it worked wonders. I can’t wait to buy some and introduce it to my boyfriend. Thank you guys"
Rated it:

Jolly Green Oil edibles reviews (JGO 1000 MG Party Pack reviews):

Jolly green oil edibles 1000mg party pack
"The Party Pack Edibles are the best! They taste amazing and work well also. Other companies edibles have a bad after taste, but Jolly Green Oil taste great."
Rated it:
"Love love love this brand and the party pack. This is what I always get when I’m looking for relaxing and pain relief. I have kidney stones. And this always helps. Thank you for a wonderful product."
Rated it:
Our rating is:

Before reviewing this company of CBD oil products, our team did a research about CBD oils. What we found was quite shocking!

Here is what we found:

First, this product is GREAT!

Second, not all products are GREAT!


Because we saw some jolly green oil vape pen reviews reported that it worked but caused a headache.

You can see that some customers love CBD oil cartridge, other love edibles type, and some of them prefers gummies. So it depends on each person.

Our tip is that if you want to get your CBD product from this company, try to avoid vape pen product.

We hope you enjoyed this list of jolly green oil reviews form actual customers and finally made your decision.

How does jolly green oil Work?

How does jolly green oil CBD work

I know what you’re thinking:

“What the heck is inside these CBD products that can make me relax or end my pain?”

Let’s see what is inside these CBD products…

According to JGO official website, CBD binds to receptors in your immune system which provides a variety of medical benefits.

Our bodies have an Endocannabinoid System or ECS which is responsible for making sure your entire body is working at its optimal level of performance.

The ECS regulates relaxation, eating, sleeping, certain inflammatory responses, and cognitive function.

CBD interacts with cannabinoid or CB Receptors in your body by sending signals to wake up and strengthen your immune system naturally.

Jolly green oil pros and cons

Jolly green oil CBD pros and cons

This company has great products, right?

Even though, it still must have cons and pros.

Let’s see…

Jolly Green Oil Pros:

Jolly Green Oil Cons:

If you want to go with this company, go with the new versions of there products that are available ONLY at the official website here.

Because there are some customers who weren’t satisfied with what they got from a local store (Because of old versions!).

Who will benefit from this CBD?

who is jolly green oil CBD for

Have you ever thought about this? I mean while you are reading this review, there is a chance for this CBD oil to not be for you.

Don’t worry, we have listed all the situations that define if this jolly green oil CBD is good for you:

1 – You are in a very super health body

You know this before! If your body does feel very well, and you are felling really good each and every day, then you may probably not need to get any CBD oil.

In fact, if you get sick every 3 months or more, then your health is great and you don’t need anything.

2 – You are in a normal earth situation

Not in a pandemic! If you are in a worldwide epidemic, then even if you are in a good health, you still need to boost your immune system.

Think about it this way, if you are in a pandemic, then there will be no cure for the virus caused that pandemic.

Actually “no cure” means there is ONLY one cure that may work!

What is that cure?

You know it, it’s your immune system!

The problem with this cure is that if it’s strong, then it may end the virus. But if it’s weak, then the virus may cause big problems to your body (The worst case is to cause death).

3 – You have no chronic diseases

Mostly if you have no chronic disease, then you are probably in a good health. In that case, it’s totally up to you to get jolly green oil CBD or not.

But if you have a chronic disease like diabetes or high blood pressure, then CBD oil will be a good cure for relieving you!

The list may be endless, and some people may not need CBD oils, but the most may, especially these days 😉!

Where to buy jolly green oil? Is it available in your country?

Jolly green oil CBD Sublingual Tinctures

This is the last thing that completes our jolly green oil review, which is:

Is this CBD available in United States? Is it available in all states?

Is this CBD available in United Kingdom?

Is this CBD available in Canada?

Is this CBD available in other countries?

You know that we have mentioned this system is in the United States, right? So, if you are there in the united states, then you are lucky that it’s available in your country! But there official website is for wholesalers ONLY! You can get the best retailer for buying jolly green oil by click on the yellow button below. 

And yes, this company ships for all states inside the US!

But what about other countries?

Well, I have checked the retailer website and saw that it may not be available in your country outside the US (I have tried UK, London, E1 6AN and it was NOT available).

The best way to know if it’s available?

Contact support or customer service at the bottom of their retailers.

Final decision: Is jolly green oil legit or a scam?

Is jolly green oil CBD legit or a scam

If you have just skimmed this review, then you will know that it is legit!

Yes, you read it right! It’s a legit company located in the US selling a legit product!

Jolly green oil is not a scam.

Don’t take my words, go and search for more reviews if you want. I think if you just watched the testimonials/reviews in this jolly green oil review, you will know that this CBD oil is legit.

The only thing I see people didn’t like about this CBD is the headache.

But the people who reported that used certain products (Only vape pen has been reported for the side effect for now). Other types of products are good, and customers didn’t report side effects for them. We don’t know.

So my final words in this jolly green oil review is that our experts found that jolly green oil is not a scam, and it works for so many people.

Please if you enjoyed reading the jolly green oil reviews or reading the review itself, share this article through the links below (It took many hours and cups of coffee to be completed).


Jolly green oil CBD | faq

The official jolly green oil phone number is:

(631) 250-8019

This phone number is for inside and outside US.

And their email address:

[email protected]

As we mentioned, there is no coupon other than the coupon code mentioned in the official website of this company.

Mostly, you can know how to use jolly green oil cartridge by looking at the product label.

Jolly green oil CBD cartridge can be used by one of the following:

  • Sublingual use: take orally as drops under the tongue.
  • Ingestion use: mix with fluids (Protein shakes).
  • Cooking use: add to pre-cooked meals.

Jolly green oil products use pure CBD and MCT oil. So they are not full spectrum. They are isolate.

As we mentioned in this jolly green oil review, this company is a good CBD company for those who want to improve their health and fitness.

As of our research on this company, we didn't see any case reported for bad side effects of jolly green oil gummies. Customers are happy with these gummies.

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