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ProstaMend review

ProstaMend Review For Enlarged Prostate [The STEALTHY Truth]

ProstaMend review

Prostate problems can be a real nuisance in the life of any man since it can cause embarrassing problems like frequent urination, especially at night. This condition can also cause pain and discomfort while urinating.

ProstaMend is a prostate supplement that was mainly designed to combat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) A.K.A enlarged prostate.

This condition affects the majority of men as they age and it’s estimated that more than 80% of American men will be dealing with this problem by the time they reach their 60s. It starts developing in 40s.

But can this ProstaMend supplement really work for BPH and enlarged prostate? ProstaMend review.

Does it have scientific studies that prove its effectiveness for enlarged prostate?

In short, can you trust ProstaMend supplement to help cure your prostate problem?

In this ProstaMend review article, we’ll find answers to these questions.

In fact, we’ll reveal the STEALTHY truth behind the ProstaMend ingredients, its effectiveness, the ProstaMend scam and whether or not it is wrong to buy ProstaMend online from retailers like amazon (because of its online scam sellers). Prostamend scam.

So, please take a deep breath, pay close attention, and let’s get started…

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If you are in a hurry, please check the first index for the summery of this review. Other indexes are for in-depth information on ProstaMend pills.

Note: we have included our scientific references used in this review at the bottom of it. Make sure to check them as well if you want.

Table of Contents

ProstaMend Review - Summery

Just in case you want to skim this ProstaMend pills review, we have summarized the most important aspects of this supplement in this table:

Supplement Name:
Supplement Picture:
ProstaMend supplement
Our Rating:
Pill Type:
BPH Pill For Enlarged Prostate
Main Benefits:
Shrinking the size of the prostate gland, relieving all related pains and discomfort, improving urinary flow and reducing the urge to urinate frequently, removing DHT from the system, thereby improving your sexual function, and flushing out the build-up of salt in the urine, which is responsible for BPH (prostate problems).
Supplement Creator:
Keith Johnson | Creator of ProstaMend Pills For Enlarged Prostate
ProstaMend Supplement Ingredients:
Anona Muricata, Pygeum Africanum, Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, Broccoli Extract, Green Tea Plant, Red Raspberry, Triple Japanese Maitake, Reishi and Shitake: Maitake, Reishi, Shitake, Zinc, Selenium and Copper.
Side Effects:
No Serious Side Effects Have Been Reported
How to use ProstaMend supplement:
Take 2 capsules a day, ideally with meals. (For more info, check the label)
Best Price:
$49 per bottle (Only available for 6 bottles package for a limited time)
FREE US shipping with 3 & 6 bottles packages. Takes 5-7 Days in the US and longer for international shipping
Only online through the official website
Inventory State:
Low In Stock
Time For New Batch If The Current One Ends:
Mostly 3 months and 1 week
Official Website:
Visit the official website of ProstaMend supplement™ here

What is ProstaMend?

What is ProstaMend

ProstaMend is a supplement designed to help cure enlarged prostate.

It’s a compound that has been designed for prostate health and it’s been designed after many years of research, in particular by Keith Johnson.

The ProstaMend natural ingredients will help give you more freedom in your daily life. Prostamend scam.

ProstaMend has a combination of herbs which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties as well as their ability to cure enlarged prostate and BPH. Prostamend supplement.

In other words, it will set an END to the embarrassment and discomfort that you’re experiencing because of enlarged prostate.

This product will also help fight the symptoms and one of these symptoms is frequent urination, especially at night when trying to sleep or while trying to rest.

Here are some benefits for ProstaMend pills:

  • Helps reduce pains and discomfort
  • Helps you maintain good bladder control
  • Helps your urine flow smoothly and easily
  • Helps reduce the urge to urinate frequently
  • Helps fight against nocturia (urination at night or in the middle of the night)
  • Will restore and improve blood flow to your prostate gland, which improves urinary function

So all these benefits come from a single supplement that you’re taking.

Fast forward, does this mean that ProstaMend is a magic pill?

Well, no, it doesn’t. Prostamend scam.

While ProstaMend is effective for empowering and restoring prostate health, you should know that ProstaMend will NOT cure your prostate problems overnight (like within a day or two).

There isn’t such a supplement that cures something overnight. If there is, then it must be a SCAM pill.

ProstaMend will take some time and you should be prepared for this fact.

So what you should do is to give it enough time to work its magic.

With that in mind, let’s see who is this guy named Keith Johnson.

Who is Keith Johnson?

Keith is the creator of ProstaMend supplement. He is a normal person just like you, a guy who is personally suffering from enlarged prostate problems. Keith Johnson.

When he was suffering from prostate problems, Keith realized that there isn’t any REAL product that can cure his enlargement problems.

When he was looking at the market, there are hundreds of products to choose from and most of which come with unnecessary ingredients.

In fact, most of the traditional methods and treatments didn’t work for him.

So Keith went out to find the right combination of ingredients that can ACTUALLY help men with enlarged prostate problems.

And after years of researching, he was able to collect the ingredients that formed ProstaMend as a natural remedy for enlarged prostate.

So, ProstaMend wasn’t done overnight, it was done after massive researching many methods, cures, and ingredients until it was formed like what it is today.

How Can a Natural Supplement Improve Prostate Better Than Current Meds?

The reason is obvious. It’s because of the studies used in these medications.

Every day there is a new study appears. But ONLY experts know the right ones to choose for your prostate problems.

Just like the good studies, there are some bad studies which have lack of resources and proofs. Another thing, some studies suggest a quite good cure but with side effects.

Because ProstaMend use natural ingredients, it can’t bring side effects, while the benefit is the same. ProstaMend review.

So, from what we have seen so far of the ProstaMend review, we would recommend it.

On the other hand, are these ProstaMend pills beneficial for everyone?

Who does exactly NEED to take it?

That’s what you are going to discover in the next section

Who Does Need To Get ProstaMend For Enlarged Prostate?

Who Does Need To Get ProstaMend For Enlarged Prostate

This is a key point to our review – if you pay close attention, you’ll know whether or not Prosta Mend will be for you.

So, the question is:

Who EXACTLY does need to get ProstaMend pills?

Here are the top cases in which you need to get this supplement:

  • If you’re suffering from frequent urination.
  • If you have a weak bladder control.
  • If you’re experiencing urinary urgency or the need to urinate frequently.
  • If you suffer from nocturia (urinating at night).
  • If you’re feeling pain during urination.
  • If you’re suffering from low back pain because of the enlarged prostate.

If your problem is one of these, then you need to get the supplement, because it will help you get out of the issue. ProstaMend review.

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ProstaMend Ingredients

ProstaMend ingredients

This is one of the most forgotten aspects of checking any supplement.

Also, some supplement contains harmful substances that badly affect your health.

When it comes to the ingredients in ProstaMend, they’re completely natural.

There are also no artificial preservatives added in it, so you can rest assured that you are getting a 100% safe supplement.

Let’s see…

According to the official website, ProstaMend ingredients are:

  • Annona Muricata: It also improves prostate health by improving circulation, reducing inflammation, and stopping BPH from developing. A study conducted by Integrative Cancer Therapies showed that it is effective in shrinking the size of the prostate and also reducing urinary symptoms in 81% of the subjects. It was also proven effective in relieving nocturnal polyuria (urinating at night).

  • Saw Palmetto: According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, this herb has been found to be beneficial in preventing prostate cancer. It targets and repairs prostate cells, which are the source of BPH.

  • Stinging Nettle: A study conducted by Molecules labs showed that this herb prevents prostate cancer. It also helps to fight high levels of PSA. As a result, it helps to reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

  • Broccoli extract: This is already a well-known ingredient. This extract contains sulforaphane, which helps to shrink prostate cells when taken on a regular basis.

  • Green tea plant: This ingredient promotes bladder health along with prostate health. It also helps to fight free radicals.

  • The Triple Japanese Maitake, Reishi and Shitake: The combination of these three mushrooms helps to block the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can cause prostate enlargement. According to a study published in the International Journal of Urology, this triple of ingredients can help to improve sexual function and relieve pain related to BPH.

  • Red Raspberry: This ingredient is rich in a phytonutrient called ellagic acid. This acid inhibits the growth of prostate cells and therefore serves as a natural treatment for BPH. In addition to that, it also helps to block the production of DHT.

  • Annona Muricata and Pygeum Africanum: These ingredients prevent the growth of prostate cells. In addition, these also help to reduce the flow of a semen from the prostate gland.

  • Zinc, Selenium and Copper: These ingredients work as a guard for the gland from prostate disease.

Mixing all of these natural ingredients in a ProstaMend pill forms a powerful blend that helps to slow down the prostate growth and also reduces the symptoms of BPH.

But wait a moment! How does Prosta Mend pills work on treating enlarged prostate with the help of these ingredients?

Great question! That’s what we’re going to talk about in the next section of this ProstaMend review “How Does ProstaMend Supplement Work?”

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How does ProstaMend work?

how does ProstaMend work

ProstaMend contains natural ingredients that are tried and tested to treat the symptoms of prostate diseases.

Prostate enlargement happens due to the increase in testosterone levels in men. When the glands are enlarged, it gets harder for the gland to get rid of the urine.

The urine has a lot of salt, which makes it harder for the glands to get rid of it. This results in BPH or prostatitis.

Here where ProstaMend comes in place to treat this problem. ProstaMend uses natural ingredients, which treat the symptoms of BPH.

They include prostate inflammation, high levels of PSA, prostate enlargement and frequent urination.

When taken on a regular basis, ProstaMend will help to strengthen your prostate, thereby preventing enlargement. It will also improve the flow of urine in your system.

This way you’ll get rid of the problem rapidly and you’ll be able to enjoy life properly with no embarrassing moments due to enlarged prostate.

Finally, and to protect prostate against prostate diseases, ProstaMend uses the antioxidant ingredients like green tea plant, which blocks the production of DHT.

This ingredient not only helps to cure enlarged prostate, but also aids in the growth of hair and nails.

That’s it.

Hope that clears things out… ProstaMend review.

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ProstaMend Pills | Facts Checked

ProstaMend Pills facts checked
Manufacturing Country:
GMO Check:
GMP Facility Used Check:
gmp certified
Certified Facility
FDA Status Check Of The Facility Used:
fda approved facility
FDA Approved Facility
Ingredients Purity And Type:
100% (100% All-Natural and Vegetarian)
No Stimulants
Hygiene Standards Followed:
Sterile, Strict, and Precise Standards
Money-Back Guarantee
Yes, 60 Days

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ProstaMend side effects

ProstaMend side effects

ProstaMend ingredients seem to be the right cure for BPH problem,

But are they safe to be introduced to your body?

In short, what are the ProstaMend side effects?

Due to the natural ingredients used in this supplement, it is safe to use. So you don’t have to worry about side effects.

The only side effect you’ll experience is the improvement of your overall health and wellness.

But why it has no side effects?

Because these ingredients are safe and proven.

They have been used for many years, so it must be totally safe to use.

Furthermore, it only uses the purest and highest quality farms to extract their ingredients.

This makes it safe to take without any serious side effects.

As we have checked in the facts section above, each ProstaMend pill is manufactured under sterile, strict and precise standards in the USA, in FDA & GMP certified facility.

Also each and every pill is non-GMO and has NO ANY TOXINS OR DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES. ProstaMend review.

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ProstaMend supplement pros and cons

ProstaMend supplement pros and cons

This supplement is a good one, but it’s not perfect. It has both benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s see…

ProstaMend Pros:

ProstaMend Cons:

Now if you want to buy this supplement, please go with the official supplement that is available ONLY at the official website (Button for official website is at the bottom of the screen or use this one below).

Because you might end up like some customers who weren’t satisfied with what they got from amazon or walmart (Because of receiving a scam version!). ProstaMend review.

Note: after you click on the button above, you need to scroll down on their website to see the buy buttons… 

ProstaMend Pills Price And Plans​

The original price for 1 bottle should be $99.

In addition, the shipping cost is $15 inside the US. In total, it’s $114 per bottle.

This price is considered low for the researches and tests done on this product. ProstaMend review.

The good news is that currently there is a great discount for ProstaMend pills, but it’s limited and can end at any moment.

The discount price is $69 per bottle.

Moreover, there is another big discount that is much bigger for those who buy the 3 bottles package.

The bigger discounted package is $177 for 3 bottles instead of $297.

Now those discount packages are good, but why not taking the benefits of the greatest discount for now?

It’s the biggest one here:

It’s $294 for 6 bottles + FREE US Shipping ($49Per Bottle)

Despite the shipping is FREE, you are getting here $594 in real value with the price of $297. It’s $49 per bottle!

The good news is that ProstaMend 6-bottle package is in high demand. The bad news is, They almost run out of stock and it can’t be restocked soon (Takes at least 3 months to restock again).

More and more customers are reserving their bottles in advance, this causes extra demand and shortage in stock.

Our experts recommend this package because it helps you achieving the best results for treating BPH and enlarged prostate.

So, if you really want to have a good and healthy prostate starting today, then there is no more time to waste! ProstaMend review.

You can get this package you like now by clicking on the button below.

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How And Where to Buy ProstaMend Supplement Safely?

"Where can I buy ProstaMend supplement?"

First, this product is available to buy from its official online website only!

You can find the official website with the official discount button appearing on the screen above (The yellow button says: “Click here to claim the official ProstaMend discount“). ProstaMend review.

Sometimes you may get scammed if you buy this supplement form other retailers like amazon, walmart or other websites.

This is mainly because there are some smart scammers who fake popular supplements like this one to make massive scam profits from it. The fake supplement is NOT effective to cure anything.

All supplements named “ProstaMend” in any website other than the official one below IS A SCAM! Please be aware of this and ONLY use the official button appearing below. ProstaMend review.

Now if you don’t know how to get this supplement, we have included a simple step by step explanation on how to buy the official ProstaMend supplement for curing enlarged prostate safely. Also we have included in that tutorial some images explaining how to get the greatest discount.

It’s the blue link that is appearing on the screen above. It’s the BLUE link that says: “>>Or click here to learn how to get the official…“.

Is ProstaMend supplement available in United States? Canada? United Kingdom? Australia?

This is the last question that completes our ProstaMend review, which is:

Is it available in United States? Is it available in all states?

“What about United Kingdom? Australia? Canada?”

What about all other countries?

According to Prosta Mend official website, this supplement is available in United States. ProstaMend review.

And yes, it ships to all states inside the US!

But what about other countries?

Well, after checking the official website, we can see that it’s available in Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and all other countries, but with an extra shipping fee.

Note: due to the high demand on Prosta Mend pills, our experts noticed that this product can be out of stock at any moment.

So if you want to take the benefits of this product, then please act fast. Otherwise, you will end up waiting 68 days or more to see it in stock again. ProstaMend review.

Note: after you click on the button above, you need to scroll down on their website to see the buy buttons… 

ProstaMend Pills For BPH | FAQ

ProstaMend Pills For BPH FAQ

No, you won't be scammed with this supplement, because it is a genuine product like any other in the market right now.

But you will be scammed if you didn't buy the official one that is only available at the official website.

We recommend you to consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

Different pills are good in their own way, but ProstaMend is one of the best products that you'll find online to treat enlarged prostate.

Yes, there is a 60-day money back guarantee on ProstaMend available only on the official website of the company (right now!).

Sources And References

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