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quietum plus review

Quietum Plus Review [Expert Review + 5 Warnings + 8 Facts]

quietum plus review

Quietum Plus pills for hearing loss? Really? Where it comes from?! It feels like it’s the hidden treatment for hearning loss and tinnitus that everyone needs, and now it has been finally discovered after years of researching!

I mean, you were surfing facebook news feed or a website when a post about Quietum Plus supplement changed your hope of recovering from tinnitus and hearing loss.

No worries, you are in the right place, and whatever the question is in your mind right now, our experts have answered it in this Quietum Plus review.

Some questions like “What is quietum plus?, Is quietum plus legit?, Who is Patrick Bark?, What are quietum plus ingredients?, quietum plus reviews from real customers, Does quietum plus really work?, Is quietum supplement safe?, Where can I buy quietum plus? (Safely), and of course the warnings and facts about it“. And more…

So, take a deep breath, pay close attention, and let’s get started…

Quick Quietum Plus Review

Just in case you want to skim this quietum plus review, we have summarized the most important points to know about this supplement in this table:

Supplement Name:
Quietum Plus
Supplement Picture:
quietum plus supplement
Our Rating:
Pill Type:
Hearing Loss And Tinnitus Relieving Pill
Main Benefits:
Ending tinnitus, preventing hearing loss, supporting ears, increasing blood flow to ears, enhancing hearing cortex in brain, and finally providing immunity for ears against toxins.
Quietum Plus Creator:
quietum plus creator
Patrick Bark
Quietum Plus Ingredients:
Aerial parts of Red clover, Sage Leaf, Black Cohosh Root, Dong Quai Root, Licorice Root, Chaste Tree Berries, False Unicorn, Blessed Thistle Herb, Rep Raspberry, Soy Isoflavones, Partridge Berry, and finally Mexican Yam Root.
Side Effects:
No Side Effects Have Been Reported
How to use Quietum Plus:
Take 2 capsules daily with a meal. (For more info, check the label)
Best Price:
$49 per bottle (Only available for 6 bottles package for a limited time)
FREE US shipping included. Takes 5-7 Days in the US and longer for international shipping
Only online through the official website
Inventory State:
Low In Stock
Time For New Batch If The Current One Ends:
Mostly 2 months and 1 week
Official Website:
Visit the official website of Quietum Plus™ here

Quietum Plus Review (In-depth review)

Below you can see the index of this quietum plus review, called: “Table of contents”. Click on any title of it to jump to the title you want.

Note: we have included our scientific references used in this review at the bottom of it. Make sure to check them as well if you want.

Table of Contents

What is Quietum Plus?

What is quietum plus

What exactly are these quietum plus pills?

Quietum plus is a new all-natural dietary supplement that prevents you from losing hearing and relieves tinnitus symptoms. All of this without needing to do costly surgeries.

With the help of its natural ingredients, quietum plus pills help curing the auditory pathway, and protecting it against toxins that might cause hearing loss. In addition, it works on rejuvenating outer, middle, and inner ear.

This leads to to more healthy hearing, less ringing in ears, and finally ending tinnitus.

Beside that, there are other great benefits for quietum plus supplement:

  • It balances fluid levels in the ears to ensure having healthy fluid levels.
  • It cures the damage of nerve tissues in ears by eliminating the free radicals that are responsible for that.
  • It boosts ears immunity and increases antioxidants to fight against hearing loss related to age.
  • and more…

In short, Quietum Plus has been created to help you have a new life by getting you fresh healthy ringing-free ears

Who creates Quietum Plus supplement?

The researcher and creator of quietum plus supplement is Patrick Bark and his team of researchers.

Patrick knows that the best solution for any pain comes from the mother nature.

It’s because of the effectiveness of the natural ingredients. 

After researching and doing experiments on different ingredients in labs, Patrick finally was able to discover the hidden TRUTH behind tinnitus along with hearing loss and find what works for treating them effectively.

So, he creates a supplement contains the blend of all the natural ingredients that work effectively to get ears back to normal, and he called the formula “Quietum Plus supplement“.

How Can a Natural Solution Lead To Relieving Tinnitus And Hearing Loss Better Than Surgeries?

As we said above, the main breakthrough of Quietum Plus supplement is to improve and relieve your hearing system NATURALLY, but how can this be better than surgery?

Simply and as you know, the word “surgery” means 3 things: money, pain, and complications.

Surgeries cost a LOT more money than any other medicine for any pain. In addition, it’s painful and mostly needs pain reliever after the surgery. The last bad thing, it has COMPLICATIONS regardless of how much experience the doctor has.

These complications can be DANGEROUS and sometimes WORSE than the main pain itself!

Failure here means losing MUCH MONEY, plus your injured ears may be damaged more than before entering the hospital.

On the other hand, natural solutions tends to have long steady effects on ears.

Because these solutions are natural, they don’t cost a lot, has no pain, and mostly has no complications.

If the natural solution didn’t work, you don’t lose anything other than that little money.

And for Quietum Plus, you will not even lose money if it didn’t work for you, because they have money back guarantee.

This makes natural solutions like Quietum Plus better than surgeries.


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Okay, at this point of our quietum plus review, this supplement looks good, but, isn’t there any warning about quietum plus before taking it?

Is quietum plus safe to take for anyone?

That’s what you are going to discover in the next section…

Quietum Plus Warnings

quietum plus warnings

Is Quietum Plus legit?

This supplement is a legit one and not a scam.

Not knowing the warnings or cases in which you should NOT take quietum plus pills make people think that it’s not legit!

Yes, this supplement is legit, but, you have to know if your case is safe or not to take these pills.

Please check the cases below where this supplement is NOT recommended for you.

Is Quietum Plus safe?

First impression might tell you that Quietum Plus supplement is effective and safe for any patient, unfortunately, it isn’t.

Here are all the 5 cases/warnings in which quietum plus pills are not recommended for you (If one of these cases is your case and you take quietum plus pills, then it’s your responsibility alone if your hearing system gets worse):

  • You’re under 18 years old.
  • You have more than 4 chronic diseases.
  •  You have lost your hearing since you were born.
  • You have severe medical conditions.
  • You got hearing loss or tinnitus symptoms suddenly or it comes in a very short period of time (Like if you were just fine the last month, but this month you are getting tinnitus every one hour or lost your hearing!).

If your case is not one of these cases, then I’m happy to inform you that you can take the benefits of relieving your tinnitus and hearing loss with quietum plus pills safely 🤗.

Note: after you click on the button above, you need to scroll down on their website to see the buy buttons… 

Who Does Need To Get Quietum Plus?

Who does need to get quietum plus

Now, this point of our quietum plus review is VERY important to know. So, please pay close attention.

Who does really NEED to get QuietumPlus pills?

These are the top cases in which you NEED to get this supplement:

  • You have ringing or buzzing in ears.
  • You want to prevent age-related hearing loss.
  • You want to strengthen you hearing.
  • You have symptoms of hearing loss like weak hearing while aging.
  • You have tinnitus, especially at night.
  • You want to boost immunity against toxins and bad germs in ears.

If your case is ONE or more of these cases, then it’s HIGHLY recommended for you to get quietum plus, because it can help you treat them and make you have better ears along with improving your auditory system.

Note: after you click on the button above, you need to scroll down on their website to see the buy buttons… 

Quietum Plus ingredients

quietum plus ingredients

What are quietum plus supplement ingredients?

Good question!

In fact, this is important to know before making any decision about any supplement.


It’s because the supplement may contain harmful substances that do bad more than good.

Let’s see quietum plus ingredients…

According to their official website, the quietum plus ingredients are:

  • Aerial parts of Red clover: According to Pennstate Hershey Medical Center, this herb is rich of nutrients that are essential to feed your ears. This has a huge impact on bosting your ears function.
  • Sage Leaf: This one is also rich in several important nutrients like Vitamin K, Iron, Vitamin B6, and many others. In addition, this herb contains antioxidants which support immunity of your hearing system to beat any bad germ or virus.
  • Black Cohosh Root: A general herb for multiple purposes like tinnitus, vertigo, fight some menopausal symptoms, and night sweats.
  • Dong Quai Root: A multipurpose natural remedy for curing pain related to joint, reducing constipation, and amenia.
  • Licorice Root: This herb has been used widely for its anti-inflammation and antimicrobial benefits. Moreover, it’s one of the antioxidants that enhances immunity.
  • Chaste Tree Berries: This plant is proven by many studies for balancing hormones and controlling them in a way it keeps brain and body in a healthy situation.
  • False Unicorn: According to Health Benefits Times, this herb has a lot of benefits to the entire body, from head and ears to nails of legs.
  • Other ingredients: Blessed Thistle Herb, Rep Raspberry, Soy Isoflavones, Partridge Berry, and finally Mexican Yam Root. All are added to make the supplement much more effective.

Combining all of these different NATURAL ingredients in a Quietum Plus pill provides you with all the substances and ingredients your body needs to help curing your hearing and getting you rid of tinnitus.

But wait a moment! How does Quietum plus work on curing tinnitus and hearing loss with the help of these ingredients?

Good question! That’s what I’m going to talk about in the next section of this Quietum Plus supplement review “How Does Quietum Plus Work?”…

Note: after you click on the button above, you need to scroll down on their website to see the buy buttons… 

How does Quietum Plus work?

how does quietum plus work

“How are these capsules able to eliminate tinnitus and hearing loss?”

Let me explain it in a very simple way…

This supplement works gradually on repairing your hearing. Meaning you will get better day after day taking it.

Quietum Plus dilates the blood vessels to improve the blood flow to the ears. This boosts ear function.

Moreover, it provides potassium with suitable amounts for endolymph. Endolymph is responsible for generating hearing nerve pulses, so feeding it makes it works better than before. As a result, hearing becomes better.

In addition, this supplement cures the damaged hair cells in ears to make them more sensitive to sound waves which makes your hearing much clearer.

Finally and after fixing the hearing, quietum plus provides the brain with the required enhancement for keeping its effectiveness and for fighting against bad germs. This ensures the hearing cortex in the brain works effectively.

This leads to preventing hearing loss and stopping tinnitus. Also this improves your mental focus and lowers stress levels.

Hope that clears things out…

Note: after you click on the button above, you need to scroll down on their website to see the buy buttons… 

Quietum Plus Facts Checked

quietum plus facts
Manufacturing Country:
GMO Check:
GMP Facility Used Check:
gmp certified
Certified Facility
FDA Status Check Of The Facility Used:
fda approved facility
FDA Approved Facility
Ingredients Purity And Type:
100% (100% All-Natural and Vegetarian)
No Stimulants
Hygiene Standards Followed:
Sterile, Strict, and Precise Standards
Money-Back Guarantee
Yes, 60 Days

Note: after you click on the button above, you need to scroll down on their website to see the buy buttons… 

Quietum Plus Side Effects

Quietum plus side effects

Okay, Quietum Plus ingredients seem to be the solution for tinnitus and hearing loss problems in the world,

But are they safe to be introduced to your body?

In short, what are quietum plus side effects?

According to the official website, quietum plus supplement has no side effects reported.

But why there is no any side effect for this supplement?

The reason is simple. This natural supplement is made of ONLY natural ingredients. In addition, it only uses the purest and highest quality farms to extract their ingredients.

This makes it safe to take.

As we have checked in the facts section above, each quietum plus pill is manufactured under sterile, strict and precise standards in the USA, in FDA & GMP certified facility.

Also each and every pill is non-GMO and has NO ANY TOXINS OR DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES.

As a result of all this, Patrick makes his supplement a safe supplement to take for everyone.

So, QuietumPlus doesn’t have side effects.

Note: after you click on the button above, you need to scroll down on their website to see the buy buttons… 

Quietum Plus Pills pros and cons

quietum plus pros and cons

I’ll admit that this supplement is a great one.

Even though, it still must have the two sides, cons and pros.

Let’s see…

Quietum Plus Pills Pros:

Quietum Plus Pills Cons:

Now if you want to buy this supplement, please go with the official supplement version that is available ONLY at the official website (The yellow button at the bottom of the screen).

Because you might end up like some customers who weren’t satisfied with what they got from amazon or walmart (Because of receiving a scam version!).

Note: after you click on the button above, you need to scroll down on their website to see the buy buttons… 

Quietum Plus Price and Plans

The original price for 1 bottle is $99.

In addition, the shipping cost is $15 inside the US. In total, it’s $114 per bottle.

This price is considered low for the researches and tests done on this product.

The good news is that currently there is a great discount for quietum plus, but it’s limited and can end at any moment.

The discount price is $69 for 1 bottle (30% off).

Moreover, there is another big discount that is much bigger for those who buy the 3 bottles package.

The bigger discounted package is $177 for 3 bottles instead of $297 (40% off).

Now those discount packages are good, but why not taking the benefits of the greatest discount for now? this last discount is set to be ended VERY soon!

And this is the biggest one here!

It’s $294 for 6 bottles + FREE US Shipping (Was $594)

Despite the shipping is FREE, you are getting here %50 off. It’s $49 per bottle!

This is the good news. The bad news, this 6 bottles package is set to be ended VERY SOON!

Our experts recommend this 6 bottles package because it helps you getting the optimal results of improving your hearing system!

There is no more time to waste!

You can get the package you like now by clicking on the button below.

Note: after you click on the button above, you need to scroll down on their website to see the buy buttons… 

How And Where to Get Quietum Plus Safely?

"Where can I buy Quietum Plus supplement?"

This product is available to buy from its official online website only!

You can find the official website with the official discount button appearing on the screen below (The yellow button).

Or you can click here to visit the official website for Quietum Plus supplement.

Be aware that you may get scammed if you buy this supplement form other retailers like amazon, walmart or other websites than the official one.

So, this supplement is ONLY available through its official website. Other versions on any other website are scams! Please be aware of this and ONLY use the official button appearing below.

Now if you don’t know how to get this supplement, we have included a simple step by step explanation on how to buy the official Quietum Plus safelyAlso we have included in that tutorial some images explaining how to get the greatest discount.

To learn about that, check out the blue link that is appearing on the screen below “>>Or click here to learn how to get the official…“.

Is Quietum Plus available in United States? Canada? United Kingdom? Australia?

This is the last question that completes our Quietum Plus review, which is:

Is it available in United States? Is it available in all states?

“What about United Kingdom? Australia? Canada?”

What about all other countries?

According to Quietum Plus official website, this supplement is available in United States.

And yes, it ships to all states inside the US!

But what about other countries?

Well, after checking the official website, we can see that it’s available in UK, Canada, and Australia. But for other countries, you need to check, it may be different each day due to the lockdown in some countries.

Note: due to the high demand on quietum plus pills, our experts noticed that this product can be out of stock at any moment.

So if you want to take the benefits of this product, then please act fast. Otherwise, you will end up waiting 70 days or more to see it in stock again.

Note: after you click on the button above, you need to scroll down on their website to see the buy buttons… 


quietum plus faq

According to the official website, you should take two capsules daily with a meal.

You can learn more about this by checking the label of the supplement.

Quietum Plus supplement works effectively on eliminating tinnitus and preventing hearing loss using its blend of natural ingredients. 

It also reduces the inflammation and boosts hearing cortex in the brain for making hearing much clearer.

January 30, 2023 - A message from our experts for you:
Hi, thank you for visiting our review. We just want to inform you that we DON'T recommend you to get any supplement until you know it's a good fit for you. To help you with that, our team has dedicated themselves to research and write full in-depth reviews backed by scientific references, like the one you're reading now, for you. So, just complete reading this review to the end (takes 7 mins), and see yourself 😉. Also we're here to help you with any question (use "contact" in the menu for that). Have a great day ahead 😊!

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