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7 PROVEN Tips To Stop a Crying Baby at Night (Even With No Reason)!

Your newborn baby is the most beautiful baby in the world, even with that, you can’t stand their crying all the day (especially at night). In this article, you are going to learn the 7 PROVEN tips to stop your crying baby at night (or at anytime) easily.

Note: this article can be helpful for you if your baby is between: 0-36 months old.

Let’s get started…

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Is it ok to let a baby cry?

Is It Ok To Let A Baby Cry​

Before knowing why babies cry and how to stop it, there are a few moms believe that it’s okay to let a baby cry.

So what do you think and what do you do with your baby?

Do you just leave your baby cry like there is no mom to them?

Or you hold your baby every time they cry causing not being able to sleep for consecutive nights?

Well, I think both of these two options are WRONG!

In that case, what is the good thing to do then? Very simple, treat your crying baby depending on the case that causes the crying.

Let me explain, below you will see reasons for crying, see your case, and do what is recommended to do below.

Why do babies cry? And The 7 Tips For The 7 reasons.

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You may worry that there is something wrong with your baby that makes them cries. And yes, you were RIGHT, there is something that your baby wants you to do for them. So, don’t be panic with this. Just figure out what makes your newborn cries and try your best as a good mom for them 😊. Here are the most common reasons that make babies cry:
  • Fatigue or sleepiness
  • Dirty or wet diaper
  • Hunger
  • Overstimulation from noise or activity
  • Acid reflux, Colic, or food allergies
  • Wants to be held
  • Stranger anxiety or fear
  • No reason (Yes, sometimes babies cry for no reason at all! We will get into this at the end)!
You are going to learn a solution for each situation listed above. If you think that you did all of this and it is still the same, then jump to “No reason” solution.

1- How to stop your crying baby Due to Sleepiness or Fatigue

According to babycenter, babies can be tired, and if they are tired, they mostly NEED to sleep. They will fuss and cry until something happens to them (By you) that makes them sleep.

5 Tips on how to put a crying baby to sleep:

  1. Don’t do anything (Some babies are good sleepers)!
  2. Set a Bedtime Routine
  3. Follow a predictable daytime schedule
  4. Make sure that your baby doesn’t have a medical condition that affect their sleep badly.
  5. Feed them with breast milk until sleeping.


If your baby is crying, it can be because of sleepiness. Try one or more of the tips above to make them sleep, if that didn't work, move to the next reason "Dirty or wet diaper".

2- How to Handle Your crying baby Due to A Dirty or Wet Diaper

It’s the time to change something!

This might be obvious, but there are some parents who don’t know how to do it correctly!!! Very strange!

So, here is the step-by-step process on how to change it in less than 3 mins:


If your baby diaper needs to be changed, change it immediately! Not just to make your baby sleep, you don't want some bad smells in your bedroom!

3 - "I'm hungry" a Crying Baby Said. How to calm a crying baby due to hunger.

Of course a baby can’t talk if they are under 9 months or so, right?

If you think so, then unfortunately, that’s wrong.

A baby with 1 month can talk or even on the day of birth. You know the answer, but didn’t see it.

Let me explain:

How you tell somebody that you are hungry?

One simple answer, you say: “I’m hungry”. So you use your language to speak that. A Spanish man says: “Estoy hambriento”. Same here with babies.

Babies can’t use our language in their first months. They use different language which is what we call: “Crying language”.

The problem with this language is that there is NO words other than one song: “Waaa!”.

So, how could you know if your baby is crying because of food?

It’s simpler than you think, just try to feed them breast milk or their favorite food, and if they accept that strongly, then keep feeding until nice sleeping. If not, then may be you need to change the food or may be the reason is not from the food at all!


Babies have their own language, may be they are crying because they are hungry, tr to feed them, if that didn't work, move to the next case: "Overstimulation".

4 - How To Stop Your crying baby if it's because of Overstimulation from noise or activity

Babies love learning from their surroundings. But sometimes it becomes hard for them to process it all — being passed from your hand to another hand, the noise, the people, the lights.

So crying in this situation means “I’ve had enough”.

When the world around babies becomes overwhelming, many of them feel more secure if they are being swaddled (Swaddling is the art of snugly wrapping a baby in a blanket for warmth and security).

To stop a crying baby at night or at anytime in the day due to overstimulation, just get them somewhere else where the things around them are little to none things. It’s good if these things are quiet and calm. (In most cases, the bedroom is the best choice).


If your baby suddenly cries in a crowdy room, then it's most likely to be from overstimulation. Take your baby to another room (Bedroom), if that didn't work, see the next tip to stop your crying baby due to acid reflux, colic, or food allergies.

5 - Stop a crying baby at night due to acid reflux, colic, or food allergies.

This alone can lead to a lot of crying. If your baby cries after feeding, then this is mostly because of one of these three situations:


this can happen to your baby after feeding. So, if your baby cries immediately after feeding, this is a sign of heartburn. If you are feeding your baby using bottle, make sure that the crying isn’t from swallowed air.

How to stop a crying baby due to reflux?

It’s very simple: First, stay away from cigarette smoke and follow the 2 mins video below:


according to webmd, 1 of 5 newborns get this condition in which the baby cries more than 3 hours a day, 3 times a week. This usually comes during the first 30 days after birth. The crying could be higher-pitched and louder than usual. And this could make your baby’s face might redden, their legs may be bunched up , and their belly may bulge.

How to stop a crying baby due to colic?

The causes of colic might not be clear, but it usually stops on its own by 4 or 3 months.

Here are the top 4 tips to stop a crying baby due to colic:

  • Get them a lollipop.
  • Stop worrying too much about taking care of your baby, take some rest each while.
  • Turn on clothes dryer or the vacuum to make them sleep.
  • Walk or swing your baby

Food allergies:

Breast milk can pass on what a nursing mother eats. That may annoy a baby’s belly. Your baby may be sensitive to nuts, wheat, cow’s milk, or other types of foods.
How to stop a crying baby due to food allergies:
Talking to a pediatrician is a good start. If you are eating a single food (For example, eggs or milk) and you are breastfeeding, your doctor may suggest you eating multiple foods for a week or so to see if this ends the problem. Ask your doctor about switching to a different formula if you’re using infant formula


To stop a crying baby because of acid reflux, try to burp your newborn.
To stop a crying newborn because of colic, try to give your baby a lollipop or similar toy.
To stop a crying baby because of food allergies, try to talk to your pediatrician.

6 - How To Calm a crying baby if your baby Wants to be held

To whom do we say the common sentence “You’re acting like a baby”? One example is for someone who is crying and wants to be held (Hahaha! Believe or not, this happens a lot!).

So, the most common thing baby wants as a baby is to cry to be held.

This might sound obvious, but may be your baby wants to be held by specific person (You or may be someone else).

So instead of forcing your baby to be held by you, try to ask somebody else in your house to hold your baby. Sometimes babies like to be held by strangers (A stranger can be baby’s aunt that he/she doesn’t see much or somebody from the family who the baby didn’t see them a lot).


If your baby is crying, try to hold them, if that didn't work. Make somebody else hold them. If that also didn't work, move to the next case.

7 - How To calm your crying newborn because of Stranger fear or anxiety

Just like babies, they laugh if they watched or saw certain things, the same with crying. They may see something that makes them cry.

Here are 3 tips to stop your crying infant due to fear:

  • Change the room
  • Go outside for a while
  • Play a video for babies

Conclusion & Our opinion

Babies can cry for many reasons, your job as a mom for that little sweet baby is to figure out what makes your baby cry. Else one case, which is: "If your baby is crying for no reason", in this case go to the next case to know how you as a normal mom can stop your crying baby at night even for no reason AT ALL easily.

Bonus: How to stop your crying baby at night Even If it's for no reason

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So you have tried everything including the above solutions and your baby still crying like you didn’t do anything to your baby, what to do next? What if your baby is crying for no reason? Even after asking your doctor, what else you can do in this case? It seems that there is nothing else you can do to your baby to make your baby stop crying. But, actually there is a solution. Check this video to learn more:

Or check this one:

Do you want to know more about how these two moms were able to make their babies sleep?

Actually the website that you’re going to see in a moment is not available for everyone, that’s why most moms don’t know about it and they are STILL struggling with their babies who NEVER stop crying.

Click here to watch the exclusive presentation that is mentioned in the videos above to know more about how to stop a crying baby at night for no reason.

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