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The 2 Week Diet Review – The Shocking Truth [2020 Update]

The 2 Week Diet Review for 2020 [Short Version]

The 2 Week Diet Plan's Pros

The 2 Week Diet Plan's Cons

The 2 Week Diet - Table of contents of Diet Part

the 2 week diet diet handbook
the 2 week diet diet handbook



The 2 Week Diet Review [Short]

The 2 week diet or the 2 weeks diet is a diet that’s created by the top weight loss industry’s author “Brian Flatt”.

This diet aims to deliver REAL results in a matter of 14 days. I mean, losing 8 to 12 if not 16 pounds in 2 weeks is possible now with this 14 days diet.

By combining and testing all weight loss methods and refer to the science behind them, Brian was able to develop a formula “The 2 week diet” that is considered one of the most EFFECTIVE diet that REALLY does its right job in your body to help you losing weight.

Unlike other diets, this one uses unique not-noticeable tricks, causing faster weight loss, faster trimming down these unwanted pounds, and healthier lifestyle. That’s why the 2 week diet is called THE STRONGEST DIET EVER.

In short, if you want to lose weight in a short time, or improve your healthy lifestyle, or you want to have a beautiful thin body and you don’t know how, then the 2 week diet is for YOU!

Too good to be true?

Don’t worry, I was like you when I discovered this diet.

I can barely lose 3 or 5 pounds per 2 weeks after hard workouts, how this diet ensures to lose AT LEAST 8-16 pounds in the same 2 weeks?!!

But the 2 week diet reviews from ACTUAL customers in this 2 week diet review prove that this diet is real! It’s legit and not a scam (You can read them below).

The 2 Week Diet Plan's Creator

brian flatt author of the 2 week diet
Brian Flatt | The author of the 2 week diet

This is a short review for the 2 week diet plan, if you want a full review with in-depth details, then continue reading below (Also the 2 week diet reviews from real buyers are covered below)…

The 2 Weeks Diet Review (In-depth review)

the 2 week diet review

Everything started that moment.

I mean, you were searching for a good weight loss in 2 weeks that can make you lose weight in a matter of a short time, and then you came across the 2 week diet plan.

Or maybe you weren’t searching at all, but an ad gets you to know more about this diet for weight loss for 2 weeks.

Either case, I would like to say:

“Thank you for your efforts you put to help yourself have a great better life.”

I’m not talking about just “The 2 week diet plan”, I’m talking about the reason that makes you CARE about losing weight.

But, why am I saying that in the first place?

Because 68% of people SKIP looking at their weight as a problem that MUST be solved VERY SOON!

According to NIH, overweight people are in risk of having the most deadly diseases: heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Obesity dangers

So, congrats for doing that!

Now, during your search, you might have had some questions.

If that is your case, then I’m happy to inform you that we have ALREADY answered all questions about 2weekdiet in this review.

Not just that, we have covered even more details about the 2 week diet plan.

So, take a deep breathe, pay close attention, and let’s get started…

Table of Contents


Some resellers of this product on many websites claim that they can provide you with this diet in 2 weeks for probably a lower price.
According to what we know, this company does not have resellers! It sells using their official website.
Anyone claiming otherwise are duping you to purchase a none original product.

Also there are a lot of websites with FAKE identities (like FAKE author name, FAKE website itself...etc). They want to not show their identity, so they fake it. We here at Effective-Treatments don't want to show our identity to save our privacy, but that doesn't mean to FAKE it!
Please be aware of that. Now, continue reading our 2 week diet review...

What's the 2 week diet?

Whats the 2 week diet

The 2 week diet plan ads are everywhere. Is it a supplement? a program?

In short, what is 2 week diet plan?

Simply, it’s a weight loss program that make you SEE real rapider results in JUST 2 weeks.

Yes, 2 week diet’s author claims that 14 days diet is MORE than enough to see yourself thinner.

Based on the science-based weight loss methods inside the 2 week diet plan, it can:

  • Reduce your weight by 8-14 pounds in a matter of 14 days.
  • Fit into smaller clothes’ sizes. (Yes, you’ll wear smaller sizes)
  • Increase building muscle and leave others wondering how you did it.
  • Reduce cellulite without ANY painful injections or surgery.
  • Get more energy during the day. So you feel refreshed instead of that frustration feeling every morning…
  • Healthier body, skin, and hair

In short, the 2 week diet plan has been created to make you have better body look and have stronger health...

We will see if this diet in 2 weeks is true or not in the 2 weeks diet review in the section below this one. But first, let’s see who creates this 2 week diet plan…

Who creates the 2 week diet plan?

brian flatt author of the 2 week diet

Well, it’s the guy behind the #1 diet in the world, Brian Flatt.

But the 2 week diet plan is not all the products he creates, he SUCCESSFULLY launched multiple products including the 3 week diet.

After his massive success with the 3 week diet plan, he decided to research more and produce a much faster diet in 2 weeks, which is, as you’ve probably guessed, the 2 week diet plan.

We are not going to give a review of 3 week diet, because it becomes very old and this page is for the 2 weeks diet review.

Okay, at this point of the 2 weeks diet review, this diet looks good, but, how in 2weekdiet work in the first place?

What are its components?

That’s what you are going to in the next section below of this diet in 2 weeks…

How does the 2 week diet work?

how does the 2 week diet work

I know. While you’re reading the 2 weeks diet review, you already thought about this:

“Okay! It seems that this 14 days diet works, but how does it work?”.

This’s actually a great question!

Here are is how it works:

Brian Flatt made his program with 3 parts.

Part 1 of the 2week diet plan: the diet part

the 2 week diet diet handbook
the 2 week diet diet handbook

This has 4 different stages:

Stage 1 of the 2 week diet plan (1-5 days):

This is the loved stage of 2weekdiet, because it focuses on the fast ways for weight loss.

This’s going to eliminate the impurities from your body parts like your liver, so, you can expect to lose a lot of extra weight in this stage.
As time goes on, this helps to establish the right medium for the body to reduce fat quickly.

The main focus in this stage is your gut. So, at the end, your liver is going to be more powerful because toxics inside are eliminated, and your stomach is going to do a better job for the next food becasue it will be cleansed.

Also to increase your adrenal and insulin work inside your body, you will include some vitamins in your food.

So, in this stage, Brian will provide you with the list of approved vegetables and proteins you need to eat.

Stage 2 of the 2 week diet plan (Day 6):

It’s the fasting period of the 2weekdiet. You’re going to fast for ONE day from the dinner meal on day #5 to the dinner meal on day #6.

Fasting has been scientifically proven to improve your metabolism. It’s essential to detox your body.

The good news?

In the dinner meal after this day of fasting, you are ALLOWED to eat WHATEVER you want as long as carbohydrate intake is less than 30 grams!

You hate fasting (even for one day), what should you do?

I recommend you to try for once, it’s so effective; however, you can follow the day #5 routine and you will still be okay without fasting.

Stage 3 of the 2 week diet plan (Day 7-8):

In this stage, the 2week diet keeps going on burning fat from your body and improving your liver.
But, the strange thing about this stage is that it requires to provide your body with fats.
You are supposed to burn fat, not to get it, right?

That what everybody believes.

The simple truth here is that fats don’t make you overweight unless you take more calories than your body needs.

In this period of the 14 days diet, most of calories your body needs is going to come from the fats your body release, and your body will use it as a power source.

Brian will give you the list of foods you need to take in order to make that happens. No guessing here!

Stage 4 of the 2 week diet plan (Day 9-14):

It’s the final! I mean the final stage of the 2weekdiet weight loss program.

This is the last stage.
Comparing to the previous 8 days of the 14 days diet, your diet here is going to be more normal than before.

You’ll need to get your BMR and generate what is called “a calorie deficit”.
But how?

Don’t worry…Brian made it easy for you. You just need to enter your numbers, and your unique BMR will be calculated AUTOMATICALLY for you.

After that, you will learn the step-by-step process, 7 days long, to generate a calorie deficit, and exactly after this, you will see some belly pounds out of the body.

Brian creates these 4 stages to make you able to eliminate the pounds inside all your body parts, including, belly, thighs, hips, waist, and all other weight-storing areas.

The good thing here is that Brian Flatt provided a COMPLETE chapter for burning all hard-to-burn fat. Also he added two ways for ending fat in the mentioned areas above.

One of them contained a supplement that some may not like, but it’s proven to work and safe to use (has over 300 good reviews on Amazon). For copyright issues, we are not allowed to mention it in this 2 week diet review. For you, you can see and read its name when you read the 2 week diet pdf.

For me, there is an amazing advantage I like about the 2week diet, which is that this 14 days diet tells you EVERY step you need to get the outcomes you want. I mean:

Step-by-step what and when to eat…

Exactly what types of food are considered good and in which days…

And so on…

I don’t need to worry about something I do during the diet, because everything is explained.

Part 2 of the 2week diet plan: the exercise part

the 2 week diet activity handbook
the 2 week diet activity handbook

At the end, this 14 days to lose weight isn’t all about the food DIET (even though the diet ALONE can cut some of your pounds)!

It contains everything else you need to achieve the best results in the shortest time. Just like what we are going to see here:

The 2 week diet – activity handbook.

Now some asks:

Can I use this 2 week diet plan to lose 10 pounds in 14 days?

The absolute answer is YES and may be more!

But you need to follow the diet carefully just like what is described (Don’t worry! No hard-to-do things)…

Anyways, the exercise part contains workouts that are designed to speed up burning your fat.

You might think that you are going to do a full day of exercising…But no, these workouts are between 25-30 mins long. It’s an intense period.

There are variety of exercises you can do, but Brian recommend you to do what is called “resistance exercises”. They can simply burn your fat faster than types of workouts by 49%.

One thing women hate about these types of exercises is that they think this will get them muscle-bound.

The science proof is that this will not make you a muscular!


Simply because men have more enough testosterone hormone than women. This hormone is responsible for building muscles. If women want to build so, they NEED special probiotics or supplements to increase their testosterone in order to get muscular.

So don’t bother yourself with this, you are not going to get muscular if you do these resistance workouts.

The workouts don’t need a Gym membership from you, it requires ONLY two gears :

  1. Adjustable bench
  2. A pair of adjustable dumbbells

Here is an image for the adjustable bench (These are used to sit on it):

Adjustable bench for exercising

Both can be found on Amazon or eBay.

And my favorite dumbbells:

Adjustable Dumbells for exercising

Why I hate non-adjustable dumbbells?

Simply because adjustable dumbbells are much easier to manage, and these help me to raise the weights as I progress.

Here is an exercise example from Brian Flatt’s 2 week diet eBook:

The 2 week diet exercise example

Even though it shows a man doing it, it works for both.

As of my review of the 2 week diet and its author Brian Flatt, I can clearly see that these exercises are the ones that focus on every muscle in your body, which cause a big outcome along with the diet.

But do you have to do it everyday? every morning? 10 times for each workout?

I told you before, all these little but IMPORTANT details will be inside this section.

You don’t have to guess anything…it’s not another weight loss diet in 2 weeks that ends up not losing but gaining weight.

Part 3 of the 2week diet plan: the motivation part

the 2 week diet motivation handbook
the 2 week diet motivation handbook

“I have the diet and exercise parts, there is no need for motivation as I already want to loss weight in these 2 weeks!”.

That what most think. The reality is that EVERYBODY wants to accomplish ANYTHING, they need the missing part which is MOTIVATION.

The same here with the 2week diet plan, you need motivation just like the diet and the exercises.

This part is called Motivation Handbook.

Maybe the toughest part for me in a diet is to stay away from my favorite chocolate cake donuts and chocolate brownie. With Brian 20-secs trick, even the favorite sugary food can be manged and controlled.

It works like charm! Every time you get cravings for the bad food for you, use this 20-seconds trick.

Just to mention, this trick is just ONE of the tricks inside this part of the 14 days diet. There are a lot more useful tips and tricks that will help you during your progress of the diet and the exercise.

Now this completes the last part of the 2 week diet plan of the 2 weeks diet review.

From this point of these parts, this weight loss diet in 2 weeks looks AMAZING, but what will confirm that is the reviews on the 2 week diet. Let’s see the 2 week diet reviews…

The 2 week diet reviews from REAL customers

the 2 week diet reviews

I’m receiving a lot of requests for reviews on the 2 week diet. Not any reviews, I’m talking about the real 2 week diet reviews from real customers.

I don’t really know why I didn’t find any “the 2 week diet reviews” on other 2 week diet review’s websites for this product (Maybe it’s because they are reviewing the product themselves)!

Anyways, our experts did a research on this to extract the REAL the 2 week diet reviews and remove any fake ones. Below are some of the the 2 week diet reviews our experts found (One by one):

The 2 week diet reviews (a.k.a reviews on the 2 week diet):

the 2 week diet plan reviews
"Wow! This is by far the most friendly system and easy to follow. It all makes perfect sense without a lot of fuss and prep required. Buttered steak! Yum! I will be a good looking mother of the bride come October. Thank you, Brian!"
Rated it:
"After various diets I found the I was on a plateau and couldn’t seem to shift some weight. I stumbled across the 2 week plan and thought I would give it a go. It is quite easy to follow and I have just completed the first two phases, which is just 7 day and have lost 7lbs so far which I am thrilled about. I have never lost this amount of weight in one week on any of my other diets that I have been on. I am eager to see how the second week will be and will update again at the end of the plan. So far I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is struggling to lose weight, so it is thumbs up from me."
Rated it:
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Rated it:
"Brian Flatt has proven to be a very authoritative author. It is rare to find a researched and detailed handbook like 2 week diet by Brian Flatt. Not only does Brian Flatt show how to lose weight but also how you can gain weight as well. Futhermore, Brian Flatt gives an in depth information on the main components. The images present makes explanations more elaborate. For me a five star is the minimum I can give."
Rated it:
"This is by far the best, detailed and use friendly booklet for a diet system that actually works! I lost 7 kilos on this and it has changed my lifestyle and approach to eating for the positive. Brian’s easy to follow explanations make perfect sense. I would recommend to anyone."
Rated it:
"I thank you for giving me. A new lifestyle when i saw it I thought this is truly going to be the one! The 2 week diet is well written, easy to follow and very informative. I like the calculations for calorie consumption to lose weight,but also how to maintain. The excersises are also simple enough to do at home or wherever I am. Well done program! Looking forward to getting over my stall after a 30 lb weight loss. Let's do this!!"
Rated it:
"After years of trying new diets and diet pills, I finally found a diet that worked! The 14 day diet plan was an answer to my prayers. It was easy to follow and with immediate results, it was easy to continue. I lost 10 pounds in 14 days and am thrilled with the way I look and feel! Thank you!"
Rated it:
"I don't know why I gain weight when I'm anxious..... Just a month to prom and I couldn't fit in my dress anymore.... I had lost all hope until my friend told me about the 2weekdiet. And in less than a month I looked fabulous again!!!"
Rated it:
Our rating is:

As of our experts research on this 14 days diet, we found something that is quite shocking…

Here is what our experts found:

First, the 2 week diet is THE TOP product of Brian Flatt Author!

Second, this product is PROVEN TO WORK! It’s an EFFECTIVE weight loss diet for 2 weeks.

Third, not all Brian Flatt products are GREAT!

What is not great? and Why?

I’m talking about the 3 week diet and the 1 week diet.

According to the reviews our experts found, these two products are good, but doesn’t have that great level!

The most successful and effective diet that Brian created is “the 2 week diet“. It has much great results than the 3 week diet and the 1 week diet.

Moreover, the reviews on the 2 week diet above confirm that. It took a lot of research to differ the real reviews from the fake ones like this one:

“Excellent product, with this method you can not only lose weight but also improve your metabolism and your lifestyle, more information about this product at http:// goodlifeweb.com?var=diet”

You can clearly see that this one is pushing you to buy from his link. Not this time, scammer!

Fourth, if you want to buy the 2 week diet plan, please buy ONLY from the official website below.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the 2 week diet reviews form actual buyers and finally made your decision about this product.

Pro tip: you can get 20% discount by clicking on the official button below and then trying to exit the page (on that page, just try to exit, don’t click on anything).

This will show you something like this:

The 2 week diet discount

You can grab just ONE of the 5 discounts there. These discounts are being renewed each day or two. Hope it’s your lucky day.

Pro tip 2: if you want to see real results, don’t just buy this pdf and leave it with others inside a folder.

Make sure to commit and the you’ll see the magic transform your body weight into a new smaller beautiful body.

The 2 week diet plan pros and cons

the 2 week diet pros and cons

Okay, at this point of my 2weekdiet review, I’ll admit that Brian Flatt has great products.

Even though, he still must have the two sides, cons and pros.

Let’s see…

The 2 week diet plan's Pros:

The 2 week diet plan's Cons:

Now if you want to buy this 14 days diet, please go with the new version of it that is available ONLY at the official website here.

Because you might end up like some customers who weren’t satisfied with what they got from other resellers (Because of receiving an old version!).

Why you should buy the 2 week diet Today

why you should buy the 2 week diet today

While you’re reading the 2 week diet review, have you ever thought about:

“Why should I buy the 2 week diet plan from Brian Flatt? What makes it soe great?”.

It’s actually a great question!

Here are some GREAT possible reasons:

  • Breakthrough Science-Based 14 Days Diet

I know, it’s hard to find a REAL science-based diet, especially nowadays. There are a lot of fake weight loss diets and scam products around that.

But Brian made sure he is telling the truth.

How to ensure that?

It’s because of the experiment he ran before launching his 2 weeks diet. He tested its results and then put it to the public. He did this to ensure he is right.

Because if it’s a scam, his name will be DEAD! The bad reviews will spread everywhere!

But If you read the 2 week diet reviews around the web (The real ones), you can know that this diet has real results. We have already listed some of the reviews on the 2 week diet plan above. Make sure to read them… 

  • Really fast results

If you experiment other diets, you will know why I’m saying 2 weeks is SUPER short comparing to the results you will get from this diet.

Believe me, some diets takes months if not years for some little tangible results!

The 2 week diet can make you lose between 8-16 pounds in these 14 days!

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

With 60 days money back guarantee, you can feel comfortable about getting this 2 weeks diet.

But if 60 days money back guarantee is true, what does it mean to you?

It means that Brian sells his products with 100% confidence that it will work for his users. This is a BIG risk for him.

  • Built by an expert in the weight loss industry

Do you know what makes this diet TOTALLY different from any other one in the weight loss industry?

Well, it’s the owner of it, Brian Flatt.

But why?

If you read the beginning of this 2 week diet review, you can see that the 2 week diet ISN’T the first product Brian launched! He tested multiple different products until her reached a formula in specific days that WORKS no matter what.

That’s why I can say with confidence that Brian’s diet system is an effective weight loss system.

Again,what confirms the effectiveness of this diet is the 2 week diet reviews from the REAL customers…Nothing can be famous worldwide because of badness!


the 2 week diet faq

According to our experts review on this product, the 2 week diet is PROVEN to work, and it has already some great people who use it and had great results on it. You can check them here

Simply, yes, it's real, and the results you'll get from it are real!

The simple reason it works like charm is that it's based on scientifically proven methods to lose weight as fast as 14 days.

The 2 week diet plan is an eBook that will guide you to lose weight in a very simple fast effective way.

You'll be able to lose between 8-16 pounds during these 2 weeks depending on your commitment.

The methods inside this eBook are something you have probably never seen before. Or haven't noticed them.

Yes, it's safe to use for all body sizes and bellies.

No matter if you are 20, 30, 50, or 100 years old, this diet that's scientifically proven to work will work for you and will make you lose between 8-16 pounds in just 2 weeks.

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